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Meet Canada's leading human resource and management experts! IPM, in conjunction with the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada, the Canadian Management Professionals Association and the Canadian Association of Assessment Specialists, holds regular chapter events, workshops and conferences featuring recognized national industry expert speakers.

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Kirsten Hayne

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson

David Ray

Julianna Cantwell

Register three (3) participants from the same organization at the same time and a fourth participant attends FREE of charge.

IPM's Chapter Meetings & Workplace Events

Management Tools for Today's Workplace

Edmonton Full Day Conference

Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hours: 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. (Continental breakfast served at 8:30a.m.)

Location: Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre, 11727 Kingsway, Edmonton

Topics and Speakers:

Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law presented by Kirsten Hayne, LL.B., Associate, Brownlee LLP

Sign In Your Teams: Connect, Collaborate and Create with Ease presented by Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, CEO, Spark Engagement

Wrapping Up Internal Investigations: Secrets to Success presented by David Ray, J.D., Principal, Core Resolutions

Communications & Email Etiquette: Mastering the Skills presented by Julianna Cantwell, President, Juna Consulting Inc.

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Register three (3) participants from the same organization at the same time and a fourth participant attends FREE of charge.

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Today’s Critical Issues in Employment Law

Managing people today in a truly diverse and changing world has its challenges. The legal landscape for employers continues to evolve. This presentation will address tips and recent developments in the following areas:

Managing a Toxic Workplace:

No one should manage a toxic workplace – you should obliterate it. The reality is that we all have Respectful Workplace Policies and good intentions, but why are we still having so many challenges?

• Gain insights on how to get more progress out of the tools you have to create sustainable cultures.

• Examine the “bystander effect” and how to empower others to manage issues and conflicts in a way that fosters collaboration over opposition.

• Learn to establish healthy expectations of confidentiality and frankly consider whether your words align with your actions.

Social Media: What’s New?

• Discuss the blurred lines of personal and professional lives, particularly social media.

• In an era of “work-life integration”, explore different social media scenarios and how, if at all, you may respond as an employer. Examples reviewed include pre-employment screening, setting reasonable expectations with employees, using social media to develop your corporate and personal brand, evidence in workplace investigations and shutting down the internet trolls.

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Sign In Your Teams: Connect, Collaborate and Create with Ease

Take your teams and leaders beyond the basics. Our focus is your success, whether you have a problem to solve or an idea to build.

In today's world, teams are much different than years ago. The traditional "team in a box" no longer serves organizations as well. More often individuals are interacting with people from within their own workplace, other organizations and communities. There is value and strength in being able to easily transition and adapt to each new interaction.

In this very interactive session, discover the Golden Rule of Collaboration at work, build on ideas with proven techniques, deal with people who create barriers and work with mistakes. Obtain practical tools and techniques for everyday use and work with others constructively. Learn how to take your team to the next level and how to apply these principles in both your professional and personal lives.

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Wrapping Up Internal Investigations: Secrets to Success

You’ve completed the fact gathering on an internal investigation and now it’s time to put the package together to present to the decision makers. Acquire the tools to ensure that your package will provide the answers in a thorough and comprehensive manner and will not just raise more questions.

Examine the use of root cause analysis in reviewing internal investigations to get to the source of what happened. Rather than just casting blame on the employee, it will provide a process for looking at the organizational and process issues that should be addressed so that there is less likelihood of the event happening again.

Gain insights on the ever-growing issue of handling evidence gathered from social media and computer data so that it can be properly collected and protected in a manner that will withstand scrutiny by a tribunal or the courts.

Discover some techniques to ensure that your final report depicts what happened in a simple, straightforward format that decision makers will understand. Review a sample investigation report format which you can use in your own organization.

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Communications & Email Etiquette: Mastering the Skills

Every day we communicate; we cannot NOT communicate with others. Are we actually communicating with purpose and being understood? Learn how to get your messages across clearly so you get the results you want, no matter what modes you use (email, phone or face-to-face).

Session highlights include:

• Determine which communication style you have been using

• Discuss the three modes of communication and their impact on meaning

• Choose the appropriate level of listening to apply to conversations at work

• Identify the best method to use for future communications

•Structure messages to ensure full communication has occurred

• Implement electronic communication best practices

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