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Develop Leaders, Not Managers

Two facts have been well known for a long time in management circles. First is that a successful business or organization needs leaders and not just managers. Secondly, is that leaders are not simply trained, they have to be developed. That raises two important questions. What is the difference between development and training? And what makes a leader, and not just a manager?

Multitasking: Bad for Business
Multitasking is generally seen as an admirable and even necessary asset for any new hire, but what would you think if you were told that the most productive employee you could hire is actually someone who focuses on one thing at a time?

New Data Rules & HR
There are only a few days until the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force, which will govern the levels of protection and privacy for all individuals. It represents one of the biggest shakeups as to how personal data should be handled.

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Canada Falls in Innovation Rankings
Echoing years of lacklustre innovation performance, Canada has slipped slightly in the latest Conference Board of Canada’s innovation report card.


Government of Canada Funds Digital Technologies to Improve Accessibility for Canadians with Disabilities

Fed. Gov't Launches Future Skills Centre and Council Call for Proposals/Applications

Investment Will Help Create and Maintain More Than 200 Jobs and Promote Innovation in Atlantic Canada

Fed. Gov't Announces New Approach to Address Pay Issues

Keeping Current with Workplace Trends is becoming Essential for Canadian Employers



BC: Prov. Officially Proclaims International Workers’ Day

AB: Fed. Gov’t. Helps Indigenous Apprentices in Alberta Complete Their Technical Training

AB: Remember to Keep Cool When Working in the Heat

AB: Oil Sands Innovation Cuts Emissions, Creates Jobs

SK: Fed. Gov’t Provides Skills Training and Job Opportunities For Young Canadians In Saskatoon

SK: Young Workers Reminded to Take the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course

ON: Prov. Passes Fair Wage Legislation to Protect Workers

NB: Prov. Invests $11.4 million to support research and development

NB: Fed. Gov’t Provides Skills Training and Job Opportunities For Young Newcomers In NB

NL: Changes to Corporations Act Support Immigration and Economic Growth

This Month
Workaholics Rejoice: Work as Much as You Want
“Work hard, rest hard” may be key for workaholics, suggests new study.

Don’t Settle for Managers. Develop Leaders
Successful organizations develop leaders, not managers.
Why Multitasking May Be Bad for Business
Multitasking can be tempting, but remember it is not the most efficient way to work.

Employer Not Vicariously Liable for Employee’s Alleged Sexual Assault
A woman sued the taxi company after she was allegedly assaulted by the driver in a cab.
Employer Unfairly Terminated Employee for Incompetence, Arbitrator Finds
The school board should have given an administrator more than three days to consider another position.
Termination for Smoking Marijuana at Work Was Not Discriminatory
Disability was not a factor in terminating a painter who smoked marijuana 37 storeys above the ground.

10 Things HR Professionals Need To Do Before the GDPR Comes Into Force
New privacy laws will shake up how personal data should be handled, here’s a checklist of things HR can do in preparation.
Imagining Canada’s Economy Without Immigration
New report shows how stopping immigration completely would slow the economy

Shop Talk
Half of Canadians Have Experienced A Mental Health Issue
Despite how common mental illnesses are amongst Canadians, some continue to suffer in silence.
Canada Falls in Innovation Rankings, As Weaknesses Persist
Canada, and nearly all provinces lose ground, as international peers surge ahead.

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