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Embracing AI and Automation

Dramatic advances in technology are leading to a revolution in the workplace. Research shows that the percentage of jobs performed by artificial intelligence (AI) and automated systems in North America over the next two years will almost double.According to a study by McKinsey, the current AI explosion could lead to the elimination of $2 trillion in wages from the American economy alone. While this prospect may at first glance seem terrifying, with millions being forced out of a job, the reality is not nearly as bad. In many cases, the integration of AI and automated systems will see people work alongside machines, rather than being pushed out entirely. And AI's ability to assume many of the more mundane office chores opens the possibility for humans to focus on creative and high-value activities.

3 Tips for Managing Employees in the Digital Age
According to a recent survey of Canadian businesses, more than three-quarters of respondents said it was “difficult” to recruit and fill positions. The war for talent is not new: job candidates have long been demanding more from their workplace and their employers.

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Put Your LinkedIn Account to Work for You
Your LinkedIn profile is a critical component of your career branding toolbox. Even if you’re not actively in job search mode, you want your profile to be intriguing and flawless. An opportunity could come along that you didn’t even know was out there.

Most Learning Takes Place Outside the Classroom
Informal learning has surpassed more formal activities to become the dominant method for workplace learning in Canada. More than three quarters of respondents in a recent survey indicated that they spend up to two hours per week on self-learning on the job.


New Five-week Parental Sharing to Start In March 2019

Support for Families with Critically Ill Loved Ones

Minister Hajdu Participates in G20 Education and Employment Ministerial Meetings in Argentina

New Federal Funding Will Help More Women Enter the Manufacturing Sector

U.S. Tax Reform Threatens 635,000 Canadian Jobs, $85 Billion In GDP, Study Says

ILO Director-General Praises G20 Commitment on Future of Work

Canada Employment Insurance Commission Announces 2019 Employment Insurance Premium Rate



YK: Public Input Sought on Proposed Expanded Leave Benefits

BC: Hearing-test Data Reveals Steady Rise in Hearing Loss Among Oil and Gas Drilling Workers

AB: Fed. Gov’t. Announces New Funding and Engagement Plan for Western Canada Growth Strategy

AB: Government Jobs In Alberta Up Nearly 79,000, While Private-sector Employment Down More Than 46,000

SK: 2,800 New Full Time-Jobs Year-Over-Year

NB: New Guideline Released on Sexual Harassment

This Month
It’s Okay to Make a Mistake
The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.

How to Embrace AI and Automation in the Workplace
AI is a powerful tool for employees, not a replacement.
Keep it Simple: Three Practical Tips for Managing Employees in the Digital Age
Employees need more than a ping pong table to feel engaged.

Woman Awarded $45,000 in Moving Expenses After Constructive Dismissal
The employee was “forced to relocate” after her employer demoted her, a judge ruled.
Employer Did Not Owe Employee Paid Time Off to Mourn Dead Cat
There’s nothing in Quebec’s employment standards that grant paid bereavement leave for a pet, a tribunal found.
Race Was Not Factor in Contractor’s Termination, Human Rights Tribunal Found
“The legislation is protective and it should not be used as a sword, or as a shotgun,” the Tribunal said.

Put Your LinkedIn Account to Work for You
Your LinkedIn profile is a critical component of your career branding toolbox.
Flexible Work Arrangements Lead to Better Performance, Study
Offering employees greater freedom to manage their time and personal and professional obligations can help reduce stress, increase morale and productivity.

Shop Talk
Majority of Workplace Learning Taking Place Outside of the Classroom
Informal learning more than quintupled in Canadian organizations since 2004.
Fitting In: Why Corporate Canada Needs to Talk About Covering in the Workplace
Covering is about downplaying our differences in order to fit in to real or perceived workplace norms.

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