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Workforce Planning in Practice

There are many different definitions of workforce planning that include the elements of staffing, staff development and succession planning. Some use is it to describe the transition from baby boomers to whatever generation letter may be coming next down the workplace pipeline. Others talk about workplace planning in the context of developing more progressive policies and culture with an emphasis on increasing diversity and inclusion, as well as a focus on innovative cultures.

Putting Your Own Brand to Work
A brand ambassador’s purpose is to increase brand awareness and to promote positive recognition toward the company’s product or services. Your employees can be powerful brand ambassadors for your company

Restrictive Covenants
Companies often use restrictive convenants to ensure that their employees, should they ever leave them, cannot have anything to do with their clients, workers, or even the industry at large. Find out more about what they can and cannot do in the context of employment law.

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Pay Equity Problem Persists
Compensation for working Canadians still favours men, according to a new study. Based on self-reported figures, men say they earn an average of $66,504 per year – 25.5% more than the reported average of $49,721 for women.


Extra Weeks Of Employment Insurance Parental Benefits Now Available

Fed. Gov’t Program to Provide $3.5 million Annually to Prevent Workplace Harassment And Violence

Fed. Gov’t Creates 70,000+ Quality Jobs Through Canada Summer Jobs 2018

Budget 2019: A Secure and Dignified Retirement for Canadians

Culture of Equality Is Powerful Multiplier of Workplace Innovation, New Accenture Research Finds

Survey: 1 in 3 Job Candidates in Canada Removed from Consideration Following Reference Checks



BC: Construction Industry Introduces Worksite Conduct Standards to Improve Worker Retention

BC: Immigration Pilot Program Helps Drive Economic Growth

SK: Fed. and Prov. Gov’ts Announce Agreements To Give Workers The Tools They Need To Find And Keep Good Jobs

SK: 2018 Workplace Injury Rate increases Slightly

MB: Prov. Gov’t. Introduces Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act

ON: Free Resource Helps Ontario Businesses Address Mental Health in the Workplace

ON: Ontario Protecting Those Working at Heights

NB: Fed. Gov’t Announces Funding to Help Indigenous Apprentices In New Brunswick Complete Their Training

NB: Minimum Wage to Increase April 1

NS: Amendments to Act Bring Flexibility to Managing Pension Plans

NL: Prov. Gov’t Enhances JobsNL Wage Subsidy Program

This Month
Finding the Work Life Blend

Putting Workforce Planning into Practice
It's important for organizations to proactively plan ahead to avoid talent surpluses or shortages.
Putting Your Own Brand to Work
Some of the most efficient brand ambassadors are actually the employees of the company itself.

Court Upholds Termination of Man Who Installed Spyware on His Manager
Installing spyware was “a clear breach of faith or trust inherent in the work relationship,” the judge wrote.
Employer Ordered to Pay Woman $63,000 for Sexual Harassment
The employer saw the ‘woman’s desire for a safe workplace as a burden that she needed to solve herself,’” the decision read.
Court Upholds More Stringent Family Discrimination Test in B.C.
An employee’s changed duties must seriously interfere with their parental obligations in order to be discrimination.

Collaboration Key to Addressing Indigenous Employment Challenges in Canada's North
Indigenous people in the North face persistent challenges to finding meaningful, stable employment.
Restrictive Covenants: What Are They and What Do They Do?
What employers can, and cannot do, with restrictive covenants.

Shop Talk
Despite Disengagement at Work, 65% of Employees Plan to Stay in Their Current Jobs
Despite Disengagement at Work, 65% of Employees Plan to Stay in Their Current Jobs According to New Achievers Study
Pay Equity Problem Persists in Canadian Workplaces
New research reveals substantial compensation gap between men and women in salary and bonuses; one-in-four working women believe pay equity still not a priority in their organization.

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